Color Lover


In that moment…


when the chair spins around and you suddenly see the haircolor of your dreams, it’s love at first sight. You know it’s special and you want it to last.

Meet PRIMER 11 and Framesi Color Lover shampoos and conditioners, filled with a promise to keep your haircolor shiny and vibrant, infusing color protection, anti-aging oils and nourishing vitamins day after day. When your haircolor lasts 95% longer, you feel the everlasting love.




♥ 100% vegan
♥ Sulfate free
♥ Paraben free
♥ Gluten free
♥ DEA free
♥ Sodium chloride free
♥ Powerful anti-aging properties
♥ Thermal & UV protectants
♥ Weightless
♥ Will not build up




The perfect match

for your favorite haircolor, PRIMER 11 and Framesi Color Lover shampoos and conditioners nourish your hair with a rich blend of advanced color retention ingredients.

Starring QUINOA (keen-wah), the ultimate source of all-natural plant proteins. Quinoa, when combined with Color Lover’s unique compound of color retention ingredients, is proven in lab testing to retain your haircolor 95% longer. FRAMESI COLOR LOVER will love your haircolor as long as you do. This is your guarantee for happily ever after!


QUINOA (keen-wah):


♥ The “Mother Grain”
♥ Commanding food source
♥ Powerful protection
♥ Healing & nourishing
♥ Complete protein source
♥ Essential amino acids
♥ Gluten free