Ion Foot Detox       Ion Foot Detox w/a Friend

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Whether you are suffering from chronic problems or an illness, or you just want to feel good, an ion foot detox from our spa in Round Rock TX can improve your over all health and well being.


How it works

The Ionizer works by basic polar attraction. The human body is made up of both positive and negative ions. The "Ionizer" generates a positive charge that sends an electrical current through your body, binding on to the negative toxins that exist within your body. Through the process of "osmosis" the negative ions become neutralized allowing the toxins to be released through the pores of your feet. Based on the color and texture of the water we are able to determine where the negative ions (toxins) were released from within the body. 


Benefits of Ion Cleanse 


• Increase metabolism

• Aids in weight loss 

• Increase in energy 

• Relieves arthritic pain 

• Removes metals and nicotine from the body 

• Relieves hot flashes 

• Reduces migraines 

• Improves skin complexion, irritations (eczema, psoriasis) 

• Improves Immune System 


Make an appointment at our spa in Round Rock TX today, and enjoy the benefits of a healthier you!